It can endure even the lowest temperatures and the most extreme weather conditions. However, there are some things that you absolutely must not do in order to preserve it in its best condition. So, we keep you informed and you can keep your fur cared for!

to what you should pay attention

Winter – Rain – Ice – Snow

No brushing it and no placing it next to a source of heat. Just shake it lightly and hang it far from a radiator, a fireplace etc.

Even though your fur may be impervious to cold, it is sensitive to something seemingly more innocent; alcohol. So, spraying it with your favorite perfume is not recommended. Always keep that in mind and you will have nothing to be afraid of!

Apart from the weather, routine also has a negative effect on it. Dust and pollution “settle in” the fur, leading to its deterioration. So, you must not forget to clean it once every few years(5-6). Every year once for a whole day live it outside hanged in your balcony to get freshed up by the wind.

“So, what happens during summer?” you’ll wonder. Don’t worry, in appropriate and ideal conditions your fur throw, blanket, rug will be in a perfect shape, all you must do is in order to keep it intact, clean and light

Storing you fur coat in the wardrobe!
Place your fur throw / blanket at a cold and shady spot and do not cover it with plastic or any other synthetic materials, as they are not friendly to its natural hair. Use a cotton or a natural cloth bag to help you preserve it in its best condition.

And last but not least; taking care of your fur is a year-long task! It is a unique piece of clothing in your house, so you need to play your part!

Keep its color vivid!

If you do not want the colour of your fur to wear off, you’d best not expose it to sunlight for a long period of time.


If your fur throw/blanket, rug gets dirty after long usage, you can clean it by gently steaming it or by taking it to a special dry cleaner’s that provides specialized fur cleaning services.