What is the best real fur for blankets?

Fur blankets are the whole package, they’re exceptionally warm and super stylish, it’s a win/win situation!
The fur blanket has been making a huge comeback in the interior design world and it can be used for any style room, whether it be elegant and chic or rustic. There are many different options when it comes to fur blankets, from the fur type to the design there are several options to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a fur blanket.

Fur Type

Rex Rabbit

• Extremely soft, it is often compared to velvet.
• This type of fur will not shed, no need to worry about excess hair on you or your furniture.
• A rex rabbit fur blanket is the least expensive, so if you are shopping on a budget consider this option.


• Exceptionally luscious.
• This fur is long and very soft to the touch.
• The long fur offers a very luxurious look and the different fur color options allow for versatility, you can put this blanket anywhere and it will look great.
• For those chilly winter nights. Fox fur blanket will be your go to. Not only did it quickly warm you up, but the real long fur hair material felt incredibly soft. Even if you toss and turn at night, you can tuck this blanket under your mattress and still have enough material left over to cover up with.


• Long and dense with a thick underfur.
• The neutral, pale color will match perfectly with just about any color and is great to achieve a rustic look or a chic feel.
• Coyote fur blankets are very popular with interior designers.


• Soft and short, giving the blanket a royal and classic look
• Very durable and resilient fur which means that a Mink fur blanket will last you for a long time with the proper care
• Out of all of the blankets on our list, we enjoyed using this one the most. The Real mink material is buttery soft and smooth—it really doesn’t get any better than this.Even after years of use after an inspection, we found no evidence of loose threading or any other flaws. And while the blanket was warming, it was still lightweight enough that we never felt overheated underneath it, making it perfect for all-season use


• The softest fur blanket of them all.
• Sheared Beaver is velvety soft, it has an extremely luxurious feel.
• Not only is this fur soft but it is also very warm.
• Sheared beaver allows for a lustrous look that is one of a kind.
• This fur gives off an organic look that will subtly enhance any room.

Design Features

  • A mink fur blanket is very lightweight, it makes for a perfect throw to go at the end of your bed or on a couch
  • A φox fur blanket is very elegant
  • A pieced fur blanket is when smaller sections of the fur is used and pieced together to create one larger piece
  • There is a lot of depth to this style of blanket, great conversation piece for any room
  • A full pelt blanket is exactly how it sounds, full pelts (not pieces) are used to create the blanket
  • Full pelt blankets are very sleek and beautiful
  • They are extremely popular with interior designers and look great just about anywhere